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Determination of Ra-226 and Rn-222
An "old method in a "new" frame

This method offers an easy way for:

  • The determination of Radium-226 in water and in soil by using of the Emanation-Method for sample preparation and the new designed Scintillation-Chamber (Lucas-Cell) for measurement
  • The determination of Radon-222 in water and in the air
  • Measurement of the activity-concentration in a Scintillation-Chamber and an Alpha-Scintillation-Counting-System with 16 channels

Including software for the calculation of:

  • Ra-226 concentration in water and in soil
  • Rn-222 concentration in water and in the air

Properties of the scintillation chambers (Lucas-cells)

  • Volume:
  • Efficiency:
  • Background:
  • Vacuum stability:
  • 180 ml
  • appr. 60-65 %
  • < 0.5 cpm
  • < 3 % / 24 h