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The ERS/RDM-2S/CV is a new designed portable, real-time and direct reading dual-channel Radon/Thoron- and Radon/Thoron-Daughter-Working-Level-Monitor.
The easy handling, light-weight „All-In-One - Take-Away“ Instrument for an excellent use in a mine, cave, or at other places.
It has a built-in counting-chamber as an Electrostatic-Radon-Sampler with a volume of 200 ml for the determination of the Radon/Thoron-Concentration and a built-in sampler with a removable filter-holding device for the determination of the Radon/Thoron-Progeny-Concentration.
The display of the Panel-TPC shows the actual calculated results for Rn-222, Rn-220 and the Equilibrium Factor „F“. The systems configuration can be arranged as well with the Panel-TPC


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ERS-RDM-2S/CV Spectra
ERS-RDM-2S-L List of Results ERS-RDM-2S-L Radon-Spectrum ERS-RDM-2S-L Radon-Progeny-Spectrum