Radon-gas measurement

TRACERLAB covers the fields of radon measurements like soil-gas monitoring for the evaluation of potential radon-risk areas, exhalation measurements for the examination of building areas like walls, floors or building materials and the determination of the radon concentration in the air. The devices are designed for working place monitoring, general ray protection and research.

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The following picture gives an overview of the most common measurement-sites for the above mentioned measurement devices.

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Exhalation measurement Radon-gas measurement Soil-gas measurement

System basics:
The physical basis is the a-spectroscopy. An electric field between detector and the isolated measurement chamber causes decay products deposition on the detector with high efficiency counting and good spectra-resolution. For soil-gas measurements this enrichment method is not necessary due to the high radon concentrations.

Quality assurance:
The delivered measurement devices are calibrated in a radon chamber where an individual system calibration factor is derived from the radon reference atmosphere and the device response. The user should have checked periodically the device for the correctness of this factor. Additionally if low radon concentrations are examined the background of the device can be determined by flushing with nitrogen, ´old air´ or charcoal cleared circulating air during an overnight measurement.