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System description ERS/RM-1000/250

The ERS/RM-1000/250 is a continuous operating Electrostatic-Radon-Gas-Sampler for the Determination of the Rn-222 (Radon) and Rn-220 (Thoron) Gas-Concentration in the air, in soil etc. by the use of Alpha-Spectroscopy and the possibility for the Determination of the Exhalation-Rate.

Description of the ERS/RM-1000/250:

The ERS/RM-1000/250 is an Electrostatic Radon/Thoron-Sampler. It consists of a metallic hemisphere with a volume of appr. 0.2 l. A positive High-Voltage of max. 3000 Volts is connected to the metallic hemisphere. The individual (single) isotopes are collected on the surface of the SSB-detector (Canberra-PIPS-Detector) and an individual calculation will be done by using the Alpha-Spectroscopy with the built-in Multi-Channel-Analyzer and the pre-selected ROI’s.

Po-218 – 6,00 MeV
Po-216 – 6,78 MeV
Po-214 – 7,69 MeV
Po-212 – 8,78 MeV

The ERS/RM-1000/250 is built in a self contained light-weight aluminium case, total-weight appr. 6.5 Kg for the transportation of the system and the use of the system indoor or in the field (outdoor).

The ERS/RM-1000/250 operates by battery and its charger. High-Power version with Li-Ion-Battery and charger

The ERS/RM-1000/250 collects the spectra and stores the spectra and calculated results in the systems data memory with a capacity of 750 complete (alpha-numeric) spectra and list of results for a read-out later on, in accordance to the pre-selected cycle-time, 1 – 9999 minutes.

The ERS/RM-1000/250 operates with an Alpha-Detector (PIPS) and MCA with 256 channels. The evaluation and calculation of measurements will be done by using Alpha-Spectroscopy.
The ERS/RM-1000/250 is operating with fast response, high resolution and high efficiency for the evaluation of the Rn-222 (Radon) and Rn-220 (Thoron) Gas-Concentration, results are given in Bq/m³.

Operation modes:

1. Operation by using the »diffusion-mode«, that means the ambient-gas is entering the counting-chamber (metallic-hemisphere) by diffusion through the sinter-metal as an inlet filter.
2. Operation by using the »pumping-mode« (sniffing-mode), that means the ambient-gas is sucked by a regulated air-pump with an airflow of up to 50 l/h through the sealed counting-chamber (metallic-hemisphere). To avoid any moisture problems in the counting chamber, the regulated airflow can be passed through a drying tube, that means the moisture concentration will be kept always in the same level and there is no need to use any kind of a correction factor regarding moisture problems. It is also possible, that the regulated airflow will be sucked directly through the counting-chamber without the drying-tube.

For the determination of the Radon- and Thoron-Exhalation-Rate, the ERS/RM-1000/250 (chamber-inlet) should be placed on the surface of the material to be examinated, by the use of the diffusion-mode, or the ambient-gas will be sucked trough the counting-chamber. The automatic calculation of the Flux-Rate by the use of the Tracerlab-Spectrum-Analyzing-Software will be done by an external PC-system.

The communication with the system is done by PC with application software via USB.


9600 baud, 8 data-bit, 1 stop-bit, no parity, no data-flux-control.
The Spectrum-Grafik-Software and the Spectrum-Analyzing-Software is working under Windows 95, 98, 2000, ME, NT and XP, Vista, Windows 7 and is included in the delivery-package.