Basics: Radon-Daughter-Concentration

Introduction measurement techniques
Physical data and measuring units
Presentation of measurement device
Table of calculation for the low limit detection
Description of calculation method
Thoron progeny evaluation
Evaluation of measurement results


BWLM-PLUS-S (Working-Level-Monitor)
BWLM-PLUS-2S (Two-channel Working-Level-Monitor)
RDM-PLUS-S (Radon-Thoron-Daughter-Monitor)
RDM-PLUS-SF (Working-Level-Monitor Automatic Step-Filter-system)
ERS-RDM-PLUS-2S (Electrostatic Radon Sampler - RDM
ERS-RDM-2S/CV (ERS - RDM - Compact Version) NEW!
ERS-RDM-2S/AV (Advanced Version)