offers a wide range of development, engineering and production of instruments, such as sampling-, sample preparation- and measuring systems, mainly to be used in the field of the Environmental- and Radiation Protection, including the instruments for the determination of natural radiation, Radon/Thoron and its Progenies, in the air, in the soil or in water.

An actual overview of the Tracerlab Radon Instruments 2022
Tracerlab Radon-Instruments
Tracerlab Radon-Instruments
Description and general overview: Tracerlab - Radon Presentation

>> Update of Electrodeposition Cells 2022 <<
Cell Type "N / N-L" Cell Type "S / S-L"
Cell Type 'N' Cell Type 'S'

Cell-Type "N" is made of PLEXI-GLASS

Cell-Type "S" is made of PTFE (Teflon)